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Creative Director & Artist

Onyro NFTS can be found here: SuperRare Knownorigin Foundation Makersplace
On Manifold : Osmotrophica  Triadicca  Liquidicca 

​​​​​​​Digital Creative Career
In the Digital industry since 1998.
He started off as a junior designer for INsOMNIOUS a Flash Webdesign agency in 1998 producing Flash websites for Playstation Europe, EA and Empire Interactive, winning numerous Macromedia Shocked Sites of the Day.
He later moved to the legendary Kioken in New York as a creative director & set up their London offices in 2000.

Founded Athens based Onyro Ltd in 2004 and built up the team / business over a 4 year period. Working mostly with international clients, Saatchi LA, Atmo BBDO, Tribal DDB NY, Ogilvy SF & EMI UK Toyota US (Camry, Yaris, Tundra, HSD), CITI, Cingular. Onyro quickly became an established interactive design studio pioneering highend interactive Flash websites and producing award winning work which has been featured in various publications including Taschen’s Web Design Studios 2. One of the most successfull websites/tools created in this period was the go to Muisc exploration tool TUNEGLUE which was developed for EMI London.

In 2008 he merged his Onyro team with OgilvyOne Athens where he has spent 2 years co-running the OgilvyOne CRM business..

He then moved to the DDB Athens network in 2010 as Director of Creative Services for Tribal Worldwide Athens.
At Tribal World Wide Athens he is responsible for creative team building/leading, new business development and enhancement of all creative solutions, services and campaigns until their delivery and launch. He has a huge expertise in advancements of all aspects of UX - UI – CX and service design across all digital channels/mediums and devices. Enjoys a high focus on forward thinking user centered Digital Banking services which reshape the relationship and interaction of customers with their bank.

In 2008 he joined a DDB spin off company called and was head of creative services till Jan 2021.
In September 2023 joined AnotherCircus Athens as Creative Director of the digital product team and as always remains digital artist on NFT platforms.

Artist Career / Cryptoart / NFT's
He always had a love for 3D from his university days in 1997 using sofimage 3D on SGI's. He helped shape the 3D digital abstract movement in early 2000 using Softimage XSI to create 2 DVD series of layered psd files for Digital Vision which was then bought out by Getty Images. Between 2000 - 2002 he was commissioned by various magazines for covers and digital art turorials (Computer Arts, NewScientist, Digit). He continued to explore the 3D abstracts ofter offering free downloads on his website

In September 2020 he dived into learning Houdini and joined Knownorigin and started his cryptoartist career. 
SuperRare Knownorigin Foundation Makersplace

Music career
He released his first record "higher State of Mind" with Spyros Filiotis under the group name Developing Minds in 1995
Link on Discogs.

He is a proud father of 2 boys Alex & Leo, hobbyist photographer/videographer/vfx and has a never ending love for all aspects of design.

Taschen Web Design Studios 2.

Images on Getty.

Other bits...
Hyperisland Master Class Barcelona 2011
Multichannel Jury member of the 2011 GoldenDrum Awards
Consumer Marketing Cristal Competition Crans - Montana Jury member 2012
Ermis Digital President and Head of Jury 2015
Ermis Digital Member of Jury 2013, 2014, 2016
President of Young Lions Greece Competition 2016
Ermis Digital President and Head of Jury 2021
Technical skillset
Adobe suites, Softimage XSI, Houdini,
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