Alongside our existence resides another, outside of space and time, born of mind and thought. Here are our ideas and dreams manifest, projected and nurtured by our wildest imaginings then given life and free will. Ideas form into matter, dreams bear realities, and the conceptual evolves into life itself!

This is Organica.

Here, a single thought can act as an ember, giving beautiful, fiery birth to an entire microcosm of dream-born concepts, entities, and even societies.

One's hope and thirst for self discovery marks the foundation of this existence. Any dream-born is welcomed and all hopes kindled, beliefs supported, and faith reinforced.

Within this shifting mass of dreamwork, where thought itself is moulded into matter, realities and malleable dimensions are born. Creative rhythms echo on beyond your own imagination, buoyed by rivulets of cosmic potential and embraced by the seeking tendrils of creation that branch out through endless fields of shimmering organic blossoms cultivating dreams into reality.

Video file 1920x816.
Created in Houdini and rendered in Redshift by Onyro.
Music also by Onyro.

Description and story written by Onyro & Al Stellakis.

This piece is minted as a 1/1 here.

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