Organica, is my inner imaginary world.
It grows as do I, constantly learning and discovering itself everyday through its own creation.
In this “Creativa” chapter, we see a mysterious object which spreads the “spora” of hope, knowledge and self belief. This world is constantly learning, blossoming, and beginning to see itself for all the beauty that it is. It starts breathing life into its own creation fueling abstract beauty around it, hoping one day it will be discovered and loved. To be seen for what it truly is.

This piece is minted as a 1/1 here.

As with all my art this piece was created in Houdini and rendered in Chaosgroup's Vray 5. Due to the large file sizes i had huge issue getting it rendered, my 2 RTX 3090's spent over 30 days rendering out the scenes. I learnt SO much through this process though, and Chaos support was very helpfull too.
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