The Hive III on SuperRare

The final part of "The Hive" triptych.

By definition a Hive is “a place swarming with activity”

So what “activity” is going on in Onyro’s worlds? Below are both the abstract and personal descriptions, open for interpretation of the viewer.

Abstract description:
A abstract organic lifeform expands the shifting masses of its own dreamwork to vibrations that echo beyond its own imagination, its thoughts and exploration of its inner self shape its surroundings, creating fields of shimmering blossoms. Breathing energy and hope into its future.

Personal description:
My art is about growth, an expression of the journey of discovering oneself, who we are, what we want, where we are going, who our inner child is, what does that inner child fear, what is its burden, what are its dreams, how does this child out grow these and blossom as a person. To become beautiful in the inner sense. How is that child recognised or seen. Why does it need that sense of connection to others, to be seen, to not be alone?

It's this journey of potentially feeling alone and learning about these fears and burdens in order to get past them, to see who we really are, these inner thoughts, struggles, hopes and dreams can shape your environment around you, bring colour to your life and everything around you, how with work and learning you can turn something grey into something colourful and beautiful, how this in turn reflects upon your environment, it draws positivity to you.

I’ve realised that subconsciously I am telling stories, my own story, through my process I created a world I call “Organica”, organisms reaching out with tendrils to connect with others, to multiply, to bond, to find likeminded beings, so that they can grow into something beyond themselves.

In my mind, The Hive takes place in Organica, but it focuses on the processes, the activity that goes on, the soul searching, the pulsating experimentation, the 1000’s of tendrils around it seeking to connect, create and share the energy, to grow alongside others.

Created in Houdini and rendered at 2560x1080
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